Trent by Xyla Turner book review!



The point of becoming an escort was to pay for my law degree.


One more year and a hefty tuition bill had me rethinking my no sex rule with clients. One exception to this rule with one client that changed my entire life.

He was rude, opinionated, prejudiced and downright ignorant. For him to have an affinity for a certain type of woman, he surely didn’t know how to talk to them. He knew how to have them screaming his name.

Outside of this, my one wish was that he would STFU.

We had five nights only and I was counting down to the hour until I wasn’t.

Five turned into fifty. Hookups turned into sleepovers. A client turned into a significant other.

But how?


For goodness sakes, he was a damned Republican!


A man over fifty is afforded the privilege to say and do what he wants.


The criteria for my escorts were black women.


Note: This book is a bit different than a normal Xyla Turner book. It is IR, BWWM, and HEA, but it’s a bit darker and really sexy. If you’re not easily offended, then this is for you.

My thoughts 💭


Dottie (Bernadette)was working as an escort to put herself through law school when she got an a—hole client(Trent)who couldn’t get enough of her. Dottie liked Trent best when he didn’t talk and they went from disliking each other to a relationship and I just loved it. Trent was a congressman who was kind of racist but as he got to know Dottie better and she called him on his sh-t he got his act together to the amusement of his new friend. Their story gave me all the feels and I absolutely enjoyed reading and definitely recommend reading this!

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