Savior (The Blood War Series) by Bee Daniels


Length: 289 pages

Source: Kindle Unlimited


For as long as anyone could remember, the Drakos family and the Petrakis family have been at war. In recent years, after too much blood has been shed and Theodoros Petrakis’s oldest son, Andreas, loses his wife, both families decide to put an end to their war with an arranged marriage between Giannis Drakos’s oldest son, Aris, and Theodoros’s oldest daughter, Evangelia. With their upcoming engagement, the war between two powerful families will end, and the streets of Athens will finally be clear of blood.

Registered nurse Mia Williams cancels her engagement to her long-time fiancé, leaving her lost and unsure of what to do with her life until one night something happens that changes everything. When Mia comes across a man dying outside of her apartment, she must save this mysterious yet dangerous man who comes into her life unexpected, changing it forever. Mia still isn’t quite sure yet if it’s for the better or worse.

Aris comes to New York from Greece to handle some business on his father’s behalf when he is attacked and left for dead. Fortunately, a young woman finds him and saves his life, and Aris must find a way to repay her back the debt of saving his life. But Aris finds that when it comes down to Mia Williams, a debt doesn’t always have to be paid with blood and money, but sometimes with love and lust.

As Aris becomes more attached to the woman who saved his life, till the point that he doesn’t want to go back to the woman he has to get engaged to, Aris must make a choice. Either he must choose his new-found attraction with Mia or follow the word of his father and get engaged to Evangelia.

My Thoughts 💭

I loved this book! Aris is left for dead and Mia saves him. They grow close while he’s recovering but not close enough for Aris to tell her who he truly is. They fall for each other knowing that Aris has an arranged engagement that he’ll have to commit to when he goes home. When Mia is in danger Aris protects his woman at all costs. This was an interesting mafia romance and I definitely recommend!

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